Feature Walls

Whether you’re moving into a brand new home or just bored of a particular space, a feature wall is a great alternative to a full makeover. Feature walls require less time, effort and stress than full redecorating and still allow for an injection of personality and style into any room (I know, we love them too). Basically, they are a decorator’s best friend… and to top it all off; they can be easily replaced if you get tired of looking at them! If only this was the case in all walks of life…

As the name suggests, a feature wall is a wall that highlights its features – adding interest and energy to a room. It creates a focal point of interest and is sure to get people talking (it’s even a potential conversation starter if you find yourself in an awkward silence with the in-laws!).

The most important thing to consider is choosing the right wall. You want to make sure that it’s a wall worth highlighting (if it leads the eye to the wild garden next door… then maybe rethink your choice!).

An easy step in choosing the right wall is identifying where your eye is naturally drawn to when entering the room. Best avoid a wall with windows or doors, as this can take away from the overall effect (and can be a headache if you decide on a wall mural or wallpaper!). Some feature walls work well as a backdrop against your favourite item of furniture, or the main piece of furniture in the room (for example, the wall behind your bed or couch). Chimney breasts and alcoves can also make great settings for feature walls. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re confident that it’s the right space to highlight!

Once you’ve chosen the wall, the next big decision is to decide on the design. Number one rule is choosing something that you love; a bit like your spouse, you’re the one that will have to put up with it! Decals are a great idea for a child’s bedroom; it will create a focal point and is a great opportunity for the kids to get involved! Full wall murals are breathtaking and are sure to instigate conversation between guests. Picture walls can beautifully house your memories and paintwork can effectively compliment the existing décor.

A feature wall placed behind the main item of furniture in the room – draws your attention upon entering.

Next up remember the golden rules of decorating. Dark colours will make the wall look closer to you; therefore the room will appear smaller. Light colours have the opposite effect and make the room appear larger. If you want to be subtle, choose complementary colours to that of the rest of the room – go darker or lighter in intensity. If you thrive on drama, pick a contrasting colour for some punch. Once applied, enhance the wall and draw as much attention to it as possible. Arrange the furniture to highlight the feature wall, hang paintings or pictures against it or use spotlighting to draw more attention to it.

We’ve got some great examples of feature walls on our pROJECT ALBUMS – be sure to check them out!

There you have it; important tips to remember when creating the perfect feature wall. Just know, creating one in every room of the house will create an overall look that is fussy and disjointed –live by the motto ‘less is more’!